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Back to School

Using the mini golf app as a player is great - an easy to use score card with beautiful pictures of holes and help on how to play each hole.  That's a nice service to be able to offer and enhances the playing experience with player tips and route animations. That helps bring players back in its own right, but as a course operator you want to know how can this app actually make you money, how can this pay for itself and then some, right?

I'm not going to mention social media or push notifications now - we will save the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for another day. I'm taking you back to school. Yes, lets start with Email.  Plain old fashioned Email, remember that? Not a single #Hashtag necessary!

After customers have downloaded the app you will ask them for their name and email address if they want to join your reward/loyalty scheme.  Once you have that you can send them a welcome email.

Here's a screen shot of a welcome email we like...

Welcome to our mini golf course email

Use your List. Email Marketing

As the word spreads and more players download your brilliant app and register, you will soon find yourself with a large number of email addresses.  Yes you have got yourself a good old fashioned email database.

Mini golf app web portal
Mini Golf App Web Portal

But we present it in a modern way on the mini golf app web portal

The data page shows all of your registered users - not just the names and addresses but also you can see the number of rewards points they have accumulated.

Alongside reward points there is also a strange field called DeviceID. More of this too in a future post, but we manage to tie in email addresses with their unique phone identifier. This means you can send push notifications not just to everyone, but to targeted customers.

From the web portal you can export all the emails or maybe you want to target those players with the most reward points, or maybe those with the least?

Maybe you want to send a newsletter out, maybe you want to send an email out saying you are having a double reward points weekend. What you do is down to you, but regular communication with your players is key for repeat business and some extra sales. The app provides a great mechanism to start collecting email addresses.  The admin portal provides easy buttons to export your email list as a standard excel, csv or pdf file.

NEW!! MailChimp Integration

A new feature we have just added is the ability to send email addresses directly into your MailChimp account list.

MailChimp integration with the mini golf app
Mini Golf App Email addresses in MailChimp
As it says on their website - MailChimp,  is the worlds largest marketing automation platform. Millions of customers use MailChimp to reach their customers through email and grow their business.

If you have a MailChimp account we have made it super easy for you. Just select the email addresses you want to export and enter your MailChimp List ID and as if by magic those email addresses will appear in your MailChimp List. You can use that list to send out your newsletter with your MailChimp template. It's as easy as that.

Happy Emailing or perhaps I should say..

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