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Mini Golf Selfies!

Marketing (For Free!)

Hastings Adventure Golf, one of the first mini golf courses to use mini golf app, asked if we could build them 'something' that would allow their players to be able to take a selfie within the app  which could then be uploaded to social media channels.

Using selfies to promote your mini golf course:

Selfies are not a new thing, but it is not a fad which is going away either. Using Selfies as a marketing tool  is a well known business growth strategy and there are plenty of references on the internet if you google it.
  • People love taking pictures of themselves. Young adults in particular are addicted to selfies. 
  • But most important is that selfies get shared a lot. They get shared not only between family and friends, but also on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • All this sharing will indirectly promote your businesses and raise awareness.

Selfies for mini golf are absolutely perfect:

  • Players are already enjoying themselves in a fun environment, often with friends or family. They want to take selfies anyway. So harness this enthusiasm and make it easy for them.
  • Provide 'selfie spots' around the course which will provide a natural back drop for a selfie. This will remind them to to take a selfie, as well as show your course off to its best advantage when that selfie is shared with hundreds of people on Social Media.
  • Just taking selfies is great, but having a selfie feature in an app is even better!  You can include your course logo and or your course mascot in the selfie. You can include reminders in the app to take a selfie and you can even offer reward and loyalty points if people share their selfie. You can run competitions for best selfie of the week/month etc etc.
So with just a little effort you can really use the power of the selfie to promote and expand your customer base.  Do this well and watch your traditional advertising costs shrink!  This is just one of the many ways your mini golf app will give you a return on your investment.

Case Study: Selfies at Hastings Adventure Golf:

Here is our implementation of our Selfie feature for Hastings Adventure Golf . Of course we can brand and customise the selfie feature for your individual mini golf app.

Selfie Feature for Mini Golf App
Caddie, the Hastings Golf Mini Golf Mascot

Caddie, the Hastings Golf course mascot pops up on the app when you reach a Selfie Location. (Hastings Adventure Golf have a selfie location on each of their three courses). You don't need an explicit selfie location, but we think it adds a nice touch. Check out the huge selfie location sticker in the photo below.

Mini Golf Selfie Spot
A Selfie spot at Hastings Adventure Golf.

Take the Selfie. In fact, we have given the users the option to use the front facing or rear facing camera . It's hard to take a true selfie with a puppy!!  Also note you can take a selfie in portrait mode or landscape mode (great for groups of players).

Hastings Adventure Golf show their mascot, their logo and a strap line.

Taking a selfie with the mini golf app
A selfie taken with the mini golf app

Once taken, there are options to save the picture to your phone or share. You can share via text message, email or social media.

Sharing a mini golf selfie on facebook
Sharing a min golf selfie on facebook

Here we are sharing with facebook. Go viral with your mini golf course - let the mini golf app help you with your marketing (for free)!