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Back to School

Using the mini golf app as a player is great - an easy to use score card with beautiful pictures of holes and help on how to play each hole.  That's a nice service to be able to offer and enhances the playing experience with player tips and route animations. That helps bring players back in its own right, but as a course operator you want to know how can this app actually make you money, how can this pay for itself and then some, right?

I'm not going to mention social media or push notifications now - we will save the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for another day. I'm taking you back to school. Yes, lets start with Email.  Plain old fashioned Email, remember that? Not a single #Hashtag necessary!

After customers have downloaded the app you will ask them for their name and email address if they want to join your reward/loyalty scheme.  Once you have that you can send them a welcome email.

Here's a screen shot of a welcome email we like...

Use your List. Email…



Mini Golf Selfies!

Marketing (For Free!)

Hastings Adventure Golf, one of the first mini golf courses to use mini golf app, asked if we could build them 'something' that would allow their players to be able to take a selfie within the app  which could then be uploaded to social media channels.

Using selfies to promote your mini golf course: Selfies are not a new thing, but it is not a fad which is going away either. Using Selfies as a marketing tool  is a well known business growth strategy and there are plenty of references on the internet if you google it.
People love taking pictures of themselves. Young adults in particular are addicted to selfies. But most important is that selfies get shared a lot. They get shared not only between family and friends, but also on social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.All this sharing will indirectly promote your businesses and raise awareness.
Selfies for mini golf are absolutely perfect:Players are already enjoying themselves in a fun environment, ofte…