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Bluetooth Point of sale scanners for reward points

Mini Golf App Update - Loyalty Point Scanners

If you opt in for the reward/loyalty scheme with the Mini Golf App we provide you with a complimentary Mini Golf Scan App which will run on an iPhone or iPad. The Scan App uses the camera on the device to scan the customers reward card. Once scanned in you can either give or redeem reward points to or from the player.

We have now enhanced the scanning process by integrating with a range of bluetooth mobile point of sale barcode 2D scanners available from Socket Mobile.

These scanners can be tethered to the iPhone or iPad running the Mini Golf Scan App. This means that your staff no longer need to use the iPhone or iPad for the physical scanning of customer reward cards - they can just use the lightweight and portable barcode scanner.

This provides an alternative solution for those that don't want to use an iPhone as the primary scanning device. Plus you get a satisfying 'beep' when the reward card has been scanned!

Socket Mobile Series 7 scanners CHS 7QI

Get in touch to find out more about the scanners and the Mini Golf App.